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Asha x Laxmi

The thing about instagram is you get to meet and connect with so many like minded individuals. Being an artist naturally you are drawn to other artists and it is truly special when you can admire and support symbiotically.

Asha and I had the unique opportunity to have met this way and met twice in the space of a few months despite being and ocean apart. We just clicked!

Through our art we've learnt much from each other about the energy and essence of women we both wish to portrait. Strengths, confidence, beauty, uniqueness... Celebrating the age of women we've decided to collaborate on a body of work, almost like traditional letter writing - instead we are exchanging art, each of us do not know what we're going to receive.

The task: explore and experiment and teach each other about our expression of today's woman. We're doing this with an ocean between us, because we are both women who like to illustrate women and mostly because art are who we are and is what has brought us together.